SSH account provider sites that support SSL / TLS. For those of you who often surf the internet using the open vpn application, HTTP Injector or KPN Tunel then you are familiar with the ssh name account. But for those who have not yet or never heard about ssh, it will arise a question mark, "What is ssh account anyway?". Well here I want to explain a little let friends who do not know can understand and understand about this ssh.

What is SSH (Scure Shell)
SSH (Scure Shell) is a network protocol with the task of being a remote to communicate data that is encrypted between two networks. The function of ssh is as a provider of connection between client and server network securely.

In the android world, a lot of users who create and utilize ssh account from ssh site free providers, as material for free surf with the help of open vpn applications such as HTTP Injector and so forth. To create an ssh account itself, the way is quite young and anyone can do it.

But for those of you who want to create an ssh account with the aim to take advantage of certain flash quota you have. For example quota videomax, youthmax, or social media quotas like facebook / chat. Then you need to note the site where you create the ssh account, has suport ssl / tls or not. Because, if not then the ssh account you create will not be in use. Because to utilize flash quotas as I mentioned above requires an ssh account that suport ssl / tls. And in practice later should soften the application KPN Tunel Revolition. Because this app is very good and does not take too much ram android.

Below is a little reviuw some ssh suport provider site ssl / tls account, which you can use to utilize your flash quota.

Site List of Free SSH, SSL / TLS Premium Account Provider.
▪ SSH Ocean.
The first site I suggest for friends to create a ssh account is SSH Ocean. Why? Because the site is not complicated, and how to create an account sshnya very easy. Friends live in to the site and immediately create it, without the need to login using facebook account or whatever. Servernyapun fairly stable, and speed for download and uploadnyapun very steady. As long as I create an account on this site, everything is used and I think it's quite satisfied. Please try your own friends. ▪️ is a premium ssh, ssl / tls free site that provides ssh server server indonesia and singapore. This site is one of the most widely used sites, because almost all the servers are always full. So if you want to use ssh account from this site, then you should be ready to stay up until midnight can register to this site. Because the server is also always full, then we need to move quickly in order to get an account from this site. To register this site you need to login using your facebook account to register.

In addition to the two sites above MyTunneling is also one of the providers ssh account that suport ssl / tls. This site provides accounts from several servers in countries such as America, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Singapore and the UK. In total there are eight countries that you can choose to create an account. Here I suggest you to choose a server from Indonesia or Singapore, because the speed will be better. But if these two countries server is full, then alternatively you can choose a server from other countries such as America, Japan and so forth.



▪ FreeVPN.US
The fourth site that provides sshl / tls ssh suport account is FreeVPN. Similar to other sites, here you can also create a ssl account with the active period for 7 days. For servers that support ssl, this site only provides two servers that are servers from Singapore and Indonesia. How to create an account is also quite easy, you just fill in user name, password and select creat account, then your account is directly made.

Apart from the four sites above, Flyssh is also one of the free ssh account provider sites that support ssl / tls. To make it any way is not too different from the four sites above. However this site only provides ssl / tls account from Singapore state server only. Unlike some of the sites above, which provide servers for ssl / tls accounts from different countries.

As with other sites above, SpeedSSH also provides servers from various countries for free ssh premium account. But for ssl / tls account, on this site there is only one server, that is server from Singapore country. Please friends can try to create an account on this site. The active period for a ssl / tls account on this site for 7 days. If compared to other sites, sometimes only provide the active period for an account is only 3 days. After that you have to make it again.

Well above that is a little reviuw about ssh account provider sites that have suport ssl / tls. Please choose your own site which is a favorite site of friends to create an ssh account. Quite until here my reviuw this time, hopefully useful for you.